Capitol Hill/Bicentennial Mall

LOCATION: Nashville, TN
CLIENT: State of Tennessee, Office of State Architect

HDLA was part of the design team for the Capitol Hill Renovation segment of the Bicentennial Mall.  The project, which focused on the northern slope of the State Capitol, serves as the major axial overlook.  Its purpose was to ensure the preservation of the northward vistas and to make the once formidable hillside a useful public square.  Our responsibility in this project included: developing the overall construction documents; schematic grading plan; completion of planting and irrigation plans as well as the design and layout details of walks, steps, special pavement and other site furnishings.

HDLA has been hired by the State of Tennessee to complete portions of the Master Plan that were not constructed during the initial phase of the project. The scope of work will include new walks, overlooks, pavement and wall repair, landscaping, and lighting.  The job will also include the design for repair for the failing limestone retaining wall on the west side of the Capitol.  The project also includes a Monument and Memorial Master Plan for the entire state campus in Downtown Nashville.